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High Quality Waldorf-Inspired Classes from Credentialed Teachers

The world of education is rapidly changing. We want our children to be resilient, empathetic communicators, inspired, and curious, and we won't settle for anything mediocre. TRA Association brings the best education services available, putting children first and meeting them where they are at. Our nature-immersive programs help balance all learning systems so that they can learn optimally--both academic and socially.

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Kind Words

I have never been more impressed and in awe of a school (than yours). I can tell a lot of thought and intention goes behind your days. When I observed, the children were calm, curious and engaged. I also loved the shared meals, special art project that was related to a holiday, the vibe of the teachers (you both) and kids. I loved the play-based style and how you wove learning into the day so that it was fun for the children, like counting the veggies on their napkin or folding their napkin into a square. The songs before the homemade snack of strawberry porridge was just so sweet. The bond of the group was palpable. I highly recommend your program to anyone who wants to listen! - Suzanne H.

"As our child’s first school experience, TRA’s Waldorf-inspired Kinder program has exceeded our expectations. With its unique offerings of nature- and play-based learning, we are so happy with the peaceful and nurturing learning environment that this program provides. We absolutely love that our girl has been given the chance to explore important life skills such as art, cooking, baking, cooperative games, gardening, and more! We also could not have asked for better teachers than those that this program offers. We would wholeheartedly recommend this Kinder class to anyone looking for a warm and enriching experience that we believe is unparalleled in its quality." -Vishaya N.

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Teacher Jamie

"Our daughter has loved her experience in the kinder program! I would describe it as magical...where else do little ones start their day with a nature hike, enjoy learning in a sweet small group setting and get to learn by playing?!!! Jamie and her team are always focused on creating programs that meet the needs of children and parents. I always say, if you have a specific desire for your child's learning experience, chances are that Jamie can create it! I've been so grateful for the safe and loving space for my daughter to grow, develop and learn in these last two years." - Erin P. 

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Teacher Ainhoa

"My child is currently in the TRA Kinder Class and she couldn't be happier. She starts every day with a hike, and the rest of the time she spends playing, gardening, baking, cooking, resting, and singing. I'm so grateful she has this year to develop her imagination and connect to the natural world. The teachers already seem to know her well. When I pick her up, she seems deeply happy and peaceful." - Roni B

Little Buddies Maggie.jpeg

Teacher Maggie

"My son thoroughly enjoyed the Little buddies program.  With the smaller group of kids and special attention to each child, he felt welcomed and secure coming into a new group.  Typically he has difficulty adjusting to new environments and new people, but he was able to make friends and blend right in.  He woke up every morning excited to attend his "summer camp" to play with the excavator toys, water/sand table, and scooter.  I believed the program helped to foster social play with his peers and prepare him for the structure of Kindergarten."- Michelle L.

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1201 Sixth Avenue

Belmont, CA 94002

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